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Philosophical Thoughts

Think about this: would you rather exercise a few hours a week now, or spend the same amount of time waiting in your doctor’s office for your doctor to see you, and hoping he/she can cure you of a health problem you might not have gotten if you had exercised earlier.
The human body is genetically engineered to be active, and when one is inactive all kinds of health problems manifest themselves.
Exercising without keeping score is like playing golf or cards without keeping score – it’s easy to lose interest. Score can be kept by noting the repetitions, or/and the increase in the amount of weight, or time spent on a particular exercise. These should be kept in a log. As you increase any of the preceeding, your body is telling you that it’s getting healthier.
Many health plans now offer free gym membership. Humana for one, allows you to exercise free at hundreds of gyms and health facilities across the country with their “Silver Sneakers” program. If they did not think exercise was extremely beneficial, would they spend hundreds of dollars a year on each participant? Call your health provider today to determine if they have a free gym plan.
A body at rest tends to stay at rest.
A body in motion tends to stay in motion.
Start an exercise plan today, get “in motion” and you’ll be amazed how fast your body responds to it.
Aerobic exercise, such as running, is oxygen producing.
Anaerobic exercise, such as lifting weights in not oxygen producing.
They should both be incorporated into every exercise program to insure a healthy body and mind.
An exercise routine will work if you follow a simple formula . First, you must apply “gentle discipline” to your everyday life. Exercise should not be treated as an added attraction ….If I’m tired it’s OK not to exercise, if there is a program on TV I’ll watch it and exercise tomorrow, etc. That is not acceptable. Exercise is what you do when you are supposed to do it. Like eating supper, going to sleep, going to work. Second, you must be consistant. Follow your pre-planned program every time you exercise…make it a ritual.
If you are exercising for overall health or weight loss you can do it every day. Body builders should weight train with a day’s rest between sessions to give the muscles time to heal and rebuild.
A few years ago my wife, Amy, tore her Achilles Tendon while playing tennis. Her entire leg, from knee to toes, was put in a hard cast for a period of 3 months, to immobilze the ankle and calf so the tendon would heal. When the cast was removed, the calf that it covered had shrunken (atrophied) to half the size of the other calf. This was a good example of Darwin’s theory of Use and Disuse. In todays venacular, “use it or lose it”.
Every day that you don’t use your muscles they are slowly shrinking away. This causes your whole body to sag, and aches, pains and internal problems manifest themselves.
Commonly used words used to describe a fitness routine are “workout” and “train”. How many hours a day do you workout? I had a great workout. I train three days per week.
You can not selectively lose fat from different parts of your body.
If you have fat around your stomach, situps, leg raises and crunches will firm up the muscle under the fat. It will not remove that fat any more quickly than using a treadmill. Exercise causes the body to lose fat from the entire body. You can not target one area.
Tennis, golf and bowling are sports that give you some type of exercise and keep your muscles limber. What is lacking is the cardio-vascular element of exercise, which raises your heart rate and maintains good circulation.

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